Welcome to the Commerce Mentorship Program (CMP)! We are a Commerce Undergraduate Society (CUS) Service that provides free, customized exam-preparation review sessions designed to help students excel in their midterms and finals.

About CMP 

What are CMP review sessions?

CMP review sessions are condensed exam-preparation sessions for midterms and finals. Review sessions take place a few days prior to the specific exam dates.

Who is teaching at the review sessions?

CMP hires paid instructors (mainly senior Commerce students) as instructors to lead the review sessions. Instructors are screened based on their academic performance and their teaching competencies to ensure highly qualified tutors.

What can I expect to get out of the review sessions?

CMP offers relevant materials that are testable and that often posed great challenges for previous students. CMP instructors work with the professors or teaching assistants to produce comprehensive study packages for the courses they are teaching. These packages are made available for free prior to the review sessions.

NOTE: COMM 393 has been moved to 7pm-10pm PST

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