Academic Consultants 2017-2018

ECON 101 – Linh Vo

“I am a graduate from the UBC Sauder School of Business with an interest in Economics. I am currently pursuing her CPA designation while working at PricewaterhouseCoopers. Since mentorship is one of my core value, I have been helping students overcome first year Economics courses with Gateman for years. I enjoy the eureka moment when students understand the concepts and apply them into real situations. Besides working full-time and mentoring students, I can be found studying for CPA, volunteering, or watching sitcoms.”

MATH 104/184 – Nina Morishige

“I’m a second year mathematics PhD student specializing in a branch of algebraic geometry called enumerative geometry that takes inspiration from string theory and mirror symmetry. I grew up in the USA and Japan, but have spent most of my life in the UK. I enjoy math and enjoy talking to people about math, and I’m always happy to help anyone who’s willing to put in the effort. Apart from geometry, border collies and seahorses and coffee are some of my favorite things.”

COMM 204 – Jisoo Park

“I am a third year Accounting student who was born and grew up in Korea, but have also lived in countries such as Vietnam, Japan, Indonesia, and now Canada. I enjoy experiencing different cultures and making new friends through conversation.  I am glad to be teaching COMM 204 as I thoroughly enjoyed learning about operations and logistics in the course. For my hobbies, I love reading books (especially Korean literature), playing video games, and checking out new K-pop music videos. Besides these facts, I must admit that I am addicted to bubble tea and ice cream. I can’t study well without sweets, so if you visit my office hours, you may get to try many exotic sweets under my provision!”

COMM 205 – Jason Chong

“I am a third year Finance and Business Technology Management student at Sauder. My interests expand beyond my major though. From starting my own business at age 15 to learning deep neural networks in a foreign country, I have tackled a plethora of experiences utilizing both my detailed analytical ability and creative entrepreneurial mindset. My latest challenge has me teaching COMM 205, a course that I am deeply passionate about. I am always looking for ways to supplement my learnings. Currently I am in UBC BizTech and Enactus UBC, work as a freelance data scientist, and volunteer weekly as a martial arts instructor for the Hon Hsing Athletic Club. My jack-of-all-trades approach to learning has helped me become a highly effective leader in the community. My dream is to use my abilities in business and technology to one day create my own tech startup.”

COMM 290 – Tony Chen

“I’m a third year Business and Computer Science student looking to pursue a job at a technology firm. Having taught COMM 290 last term, I have gained valuable experience towards the position and am looking forward to a great term with CMP. Outside of school, you can often find me playing Smash or taking leisure walks around campus. Don’t hesitate to message me with any questions about course material. I’m always happy to answer!”

COMM 393 – Gabriel Cheung

“I am a fifth year accounting and marketing co-op student at Sauder. Recently I have had the pleasure of working in co-op positions with Relic Entertainment and BDO Vancouver. During my free time, I enjoy watching TV shows, playing video games and sports, as well as eating food. I am excited to help students with COMM 393 once again with CMP as this will be my third term teaching the subject. My hope is that students will learn to appreciate the course and learn lots through the creative questions, and even dank memes I have prepared!”

COMM 293 – Kathy Huang

COMM 295 – Raymond Situ