CMP First Year Rep – Miguel Valarao

Name: Miguel Valarao

Position: First Year Representative

Year: 1

Specialization: Combined Major in Business and Computer Science


Miguel is a first year BUCS student who joined CMP as one of the First Year Representatives in order to promote academic excellence among his class. Miguel strongly believes that his class’s overall success as a cohort group will benefit everyone individually (unless we’re talking about Gateman exams). After making an absurd amount of memes in grade 7, Miguel has since developed his proficiency in graphic design, which has come in handy when making posters for CMP. Although he doesn’t plan on dropping his BUCS specialization, Miguel hopes to pursue a career in finance.


When he’s not advertising about CMP, Miguel can be found surfing Seeking Alpha, trying to figure out how derivatives work, watching Martin Shkreli livestreams, and seeing Mylan’s stock price drop. Since his regular day starts at 8 am and ends at 5 pm, Miguel often calms himself down by contemplates not going into engineering – a thought that almost always makes him smile, considering how much fun he’s had at Sauder so far. In his spare time, Miguel enjoys professing his love for Soylent, adding songs to his Spotify playlists (which are straight fire), and browsing clothes that he usually can’t afford. Miguel can be spotted on campus getting kicked out of booked Henry Angus rooms, sending Snaps of the Engineering Cairn, and sleeping in various dorms. Miguel looks forward to seeing everyone at future CMP events!

CMP First Year Rep – Matthew Yong

Name: Matthew Yong

Position: First Year Representative

Year: 1

Specialization: Undeclared


Matthew is a first year BCom student who is part of Commerce Mentorship Program as a First Year Representative. He joined the executive team of this distinguished program in order to meet new people and encourage academic development. Matthew is interested in pursuing a career in either supply chain, operations & logistics, or finance. He strives to not only be competent at what he does, but to also make long lasting connections along the way. Matthew is driven by a passion to help the community spread an atmosphere of positivity and goodness.


In his spare time, Matthew enjoys watching all kinds of movies that aren’t violent, experimenting with unique senses of style, and taking minimalistic photos. He also appreciates having deep and thought-provoking conversations with others, as it engenders a feeling of wonder and self-awareness. If you ever see Matthew waiting in line at Tim Horton’s, don’t hesitate to say hello and introduce yourself! He believes that creating and growing relationships is the most important factor to being successful, which is why Matthew is eager to meet all of you in the near future!

CMP Second Year Rep – Sandy Ma

Name: Sandy Ma

Position: Second Year Representative

Year: 2

Specialization: Undeclared


Sandy is a second year BCOM student and is a Second Year Representative of CMP. She joined CMP because of CMP’s goal in trying their best in assisting students academically for free. Sandy loves how CMP continues to try their best to allow students to benefit from review sessions, course materials, and office hours. She hopes to assist in CMP to make even greater impacts on students.


Sandy is interested in pursuing a double major in Accounting and BTM. In her spare time, she loves to watch movies/shows, bake, sing (although not really well), and trying different cuisines as well as different activities. She enjoys talking and getting to know different people and their unique perspectives. Sandy strives to try her best in everything and when things don’t work out at least she knows that she has given 100%.

CMP Second Year Rep – Kassandra Tran

Name: Kassandra Tran

Position: Second Year Representative

Year: 2

Specialization: Undeclared


Kassandra is a second year BCom student at Sauder and is also one of CMP’s Second Year Representatives. Kassandra was actually part of CMP last year as a First Year Representative so she’s excited to be back for another year. When Kassandra first joined CMP, she mainly did it to get involved at UBC. After being part of CMP for an entire year, Kassandra had gained so much more from the experience than she initially thought she would, which is why she returned to CMP again this year. CMP has given Kassandra the opportunity to build her leadership and communication skills, as well as the experience of planning and organizing over 40 review sessions for fellow Sauder students. CMP has also enabled Kassandra to expand her network and taught her the importance of stepping outside her comfort zone to be able to really connect with others. Finally, she has built long-lasting relationships with her amazing and supportive executive team who has given her invaluable advice and guidance which she is extremely grateful for. This year, Kassandra looks forward to carrying on CMP’s legacy and continuing to make wonderful memories along the way. More importantly, she hopes to be able to reach out to even more students through CMP and help them succeed academically during their time at Sauder.


When Kassandra isn’t in class, eating, or in other club meetings, you can find her working at a kickboxing gym where she’s a trainer for females looking to get a good workout.

CMP VP Finance – Cecilia Weng

Name: Cecilia (Shihui) Weng

Position: VP Finance

Year: 3

Specialization: Accounting and Business Technology Management


Cecilia is a third year Accounting and Business Technology Management student who joined CMP as VP Finance & Internal. During Cecilia’s second year in college, she attended a lot of exam crash hours on campus and was very impressed by the exceptional quality of CMP review sessions. Cecilia firmly believes that CMP offers HANDS DOWN the best review sessions for commerce students on the market. And most importantly, CMP is committed to build a connection with all of you, to help you succeed in the academics.


Cecilia would like to apply what she had learnt from her accounting class to help CMP with expense tracking and budget control. Furthermore, she aimed to build a well-developed management information system for CMP budget control. You can always spot her in CLC. She is either busy completing reimbursement requisitions or analyzing spreadsheets for CMP.


In her spare time, Cecilia enjoys cooking, karaoking and photographing. She is constantly looking for singing opportunities and participating all kinds of singing contests but never had a chance to win:( She cares about health and advocates eating at home and reducing wastes. She also enjoys taking landscape photos with her new iPhone 7 Plus. She is super eager to meet all of you who love CMP like she does.

CMP VP Marketing – Julia Tan

Name: Julia Tan

Position: VP Marketing

Year: 3

Specialization: Accounting


Julia is a third-year Accounting student and is the current VP Marketing for CMP. She occasionally enjoys dabbling in photography and design, as she used to be more creative before she started her years at Sauder. After relying a ton on the help of CMP review packages in her first two years, she decided to join the executive team to help spread awareness of CMP awesomeness through posters and social media! Being a part of CMP has allowed Julia to learn a lot about the behind the scenes activities in marketing, work with a great executive team, and meet some of the smartest students acting as Academic Consultants.


When Julia is not busy working on the next poster for review sessions or submitting the next CUSunday event promotion, she will be taking the time to catch up on her favourite TV shows or working out at the gym to burn off all her extra stress. Despite mostly sitting in front of her laptop with headphones in, Julia is always down to meet new people and help out anyone regarding question about CMP. Feel free to wave or say “hi” if you see her in the Sauder hallways.

CMP VP Academic – Nunu Ding

Name: Nunu Ding

Position: VP Academic

Year: 3

Specialization: Marketing


Nunu is a third-year student specializing in Marketing. Having attended some CMP review sessions in her earlier years at Sauder and passionate about student engagement, she joined to help CMP deliver helpful, valuable, and worthwhile review sessions. As VP Academic, she works with the CMP Executive Team and Academic Consultants to facilitate sessions for student success.


If Nunu is not in class or at a CMP session, she is often at her “home away from home”, located in the Ponderosa Commons at University Boulevard and Lower Mall. As a commuter herself, Nunu also supports students at the UBC Collegia Program, a space solely dedicated to first year commuter students. In her spare time, Nunu can be found trying out new lunch recipes (often involving strange salad combinations), figuring out the features of her MacBook Air, and attempting yoga.

CMP VP Events & IT – Galen Wang

Name: Galen Wang

Position: VP Events & IT

Year: 2

Specialization: Combined Major in Business and Computer Science


Galen is a second year BUCS student and a returning CMP member, serving as the First Year Representative last year. As a former peer tutor and basketball coach throughout high school, Galen understands how important it is to provide mentorship and guidance to those below him. Dedicated to providing the best review session possible for first- and second-years, Galen is committed to improve the marks of those around him and hopes that CMP will continue to enrich your experience at one of the best business schools in Canada. Through his current role as VP Events & IT, Galen is responsible for maintaining the quality of review sessions by making them enjoyable and authentic.


Besides CMP, you can find Galen skateboarding down Main Mall to catch his computer science classes on the other side of campus, where he enjoys coding programs and learning about discrete mathematics. His other hobbies include swimming, reading, playing sports, and baking. Feel free to approach him with your best startup idea and he’ll be happy to give you his honest feedback!

CMP Director – Roy Huang

Name: Roy Huang

Position: Director

Year: 4

Specialization: Accounting & Operations and Logistics, Co-op


When I first joined the Commerce Mentorship Program (CMP) as Director this year, it was a dream that came true. In my honest belief, CMP is the best academic program in Sauder that continuously strives to improve the academic success of all Sauder students. In comparison to other pay-per-use corporate tutoring services, CMP remains dedicated to providing all review sessions, materials and office hours free of charge for all attendees. We are committed to providing paid tutoring positions only to Sauder students who are most knowledgeable of the courses they teach. Our goal is simple; We are here to serve you.


Coming from my background as the COMM 393 Academic Consultant last year, I know that often students can have eager questions to ask. This year my top priority is to introduce office hours for each course where you will have the opportunity to personally address your questions to our well-trained Academic Consultants.


CMP is truly a welcoming and friendly family and everyone cares about each other. What truly makes us amazing is nonetheless our differences and the ideas each team member brings into our organization. Outside of school, I am a huge aviation enthusiast, I love to sit in a café and watch planes take off and land. My other interests include volunteering, meeting new people, and eating Asian cuisine. If you see me on campus, feel free to say hi and we’ll make friends!