CMP First Year Rep – Matthew Yong

Name: Matthew Yong

Position: First Year Representative

Year: 1

Specialization: Undeclared


Matthew is a first year BCom student who is part of Commerce Mentorship Program as a First Year Representative. He joined the executive team of this distinguished program in order to meet new people and encourage academic development. Matthew is interested in pursuing a career in either supply chain, operations & logistics, or finance. He strives to not only be competent at what he does, but to also make long lasting connections along the way. Matthew is driven by a passion to help the community spread an atmosphere of positivity and goodness.


In his spare time, Matthew enjoys watching all kinds of movies that aren’t violent, experimenting with unique senses of style, and taking minimalistic photos. He also appreciates having deep and thought-provoking conversations with others, as it engenders a feeling of wonder and self-awareness. If you ever see Matthew waiting in line at Tim Horton’s, don’t hesitate to say hello and introduce yourself! He believes that creating and growing relationships is the most important factor to being successful, which is why Matthew is eager to meet all of you in the near future!