CMP First Year Rep – Miguel Valarao

Name: Miguel Valarao

Position: First Year Representative

Year: 1

Specialization: Combined Major in Business and Computer Science


Miguel is a first year BUCS student who joined CMP as one of the First Year Representatives in order to promote academic excellence among his class. Miguel strongly believes that his class’s overall success as a cohort group will benefit everyone individually (unless we’re talking about Gateman exams). After making an absurd amount of memes in grade 7, Miguel has since developed his proficiency in graphic design, which has come in handy when making posters for CMP. Although he doesn’t plan on dropping his BUCS specialization, Miguel hopes to pursue a career in finance.


When he’s not advertising about CMP, Miguel can be found surfing Seeking Alpha, trying to figure out how derivatives work, watching Martin Shkreli livestreams, and seeing Mylan’s stock price drop. Since his regular day starts at 8 am and ends at 5 pm, Miguel often calms himself down by contemplates not going into engineering – a thought that almost always makes him smile, considering how much fun he’s had at Sauder so far. In his spare time, Miguel enjoys professing his love for Soylent, adding songs to his Spotify playlists (which are straight fire), and browsing clothes that he usually can’t afford. Miguel can be spotted on campus getting kicked out of booked Henry Angus rooms, sending Snaps of the Engineering Cairn, and sleeping in various dorms. Miguel looks forward to seeing everyone at future CMP events!