CMP First Year Representative – Kassandra Tran

Name: Kassandra Tran

Position: First Year Representative

Year: 1st Year

Specialization: TBD


Why did you join CMP?

I joined CMP because I absolutely love how this club offers such a valuable service to a significant number of students at Sauder, and how they foster mentorship development as well. CMP is very unique in that there aren’t any clubs quite like it at UBC, which is another reason why I joined. I have found that getting involved in impactful clubs, like CMP, have been so rewarding and so I’m look forward to being able to contribute my time and effort into this club.

Which course have you enjoyed the most at UBC?

My favourite course at UBC so far is Comm 290: Introduction to Quantitative Decision-Making, for a number of reasons. Firstly, the course material is interesting and fairly easy to follow along with; secondly, the professor is very kind and approachable; and lastly, I have already made some amazing friends in that class.   

What is your favorite food?

My favourite food is…literally, this is impossible to answer. I love so many different kinds of food, so I wouldn’t be able to narrow it down to just one.

What do you do outside of class?

Outside of class, I like to get involved in different clubs and programs both within UBC and around Vancouver; as well as play the piano leisurely. I also enjoy hanging out with friends and spending time with my family, when I can.

What do you want to be in 20 years?

I haven’t quite thought that far in the future yet about what I want to be in 20 years, therefore I can’t provide a direct answer to that question. However, no matter what career path I do end up choosing, I hope to always be enjoying what I’m doing and living each day to its fullest.

What advice would you give to first year students?

As a fellow first year student, the best advice I could give to other first year students would be to pursue opportunities, meet new people, step outside their comfort zones, and don’t let a single day go to waste.