CMP Second Year Rep – Kassandra Tran

Name: Kassandra Tran

Position: Second Year Representative

Year: 2

Specialization: Undeclared


Kassandra is a second year BCom student at Sauder and is also one of CMP’s Second Year Representatives. Kassandra was actually part of CMP last year as a First Year Representative so she’s excited to be back for another year. When Kassandra first joined CMP, she mainly did it to get involved at UBC. After being part of CMP for an entire year, Kassandra had gained so much more from the experience than she initially thought she would, which is why she returned to CMP again this year. CMP has given Kassandra the opportunity to build her leadership and communication skills, as well as the experience of planning and organizing over 40 review sessions for fellow Sauder students. CMP has also enabled Kassandra to expand her network and taught her the importance of stepping outside her comfort zone to be able to really connect with others. Finally, she has built long-lasting relationships with her amazing and supportive executive team who has given her invaluable advice and guidance which she is extremely grateful for. This year, Kassandra looks forward to carrying on CMP’s legacy and continuing to make wonderful memories along the way. More importantly, she hopes to be able to reach out to even more students through CMP and help them succeed academically during their time at Sauder.


When Kassandra isn’t in class, eating, or in other club meetings, you can find her working at a kickboxing gym where she’s a trainer for females looking to get a good workout.