CMP Second Year Rep – Sandy Ma

Name: Sandy Ma

Position: Second Year Representative

Year: 2

Specialization: Undeclared


Sandy is a second year BCOM student and is a Second Year Representative of CMP. She joined CMP because of CMP’s goal in trying their best in assisting students academically for free. Sandy loves how CMP continues to try their best to allow students to benefit from review sessions, course materials, and office hours. She hopes to assist in CMP to make even greater impacts on students.


Sandy is interested in pursuing a double major in Accounting and BTM. In her spare time, she loves to watch movies/shows, bake, sing (although not really well), and trying different cuisines as well as different activities. She enjoys talking and getting to know different people and their unique perspectives. Sandy strives to try her best in everything and when things don’t work out at least she knows that she has given 100%.