CMP VP Events & IT – Galen Wang

Name: Galen Wang

Position: VP Events & IT

Year: 2

Specialization: Combined Major in Business and Computer Science


Galen is a second year BUCS student and a returning CMP member, serving as the First Year Representative last year. As a former peer tutor and basketball coach throughout high school, Galen understands how important it is to provide mentorship and guidance to those below him. Dedicated to providing the best review session possible for first- and second-years, Galen is committed to improve the marks of those around him and hopes that CMP will continue to enrich your experience at one of the best business schools in Canada. Through his current role as VP Events & IT, Galen is responsible for maintaining the quality of review sessions by making them enjoyable and authentic.


Besides CMP, you can find Galen skateboarding down Main Mall to catch his computer science classes on the other side of campus, where he enjoys coding programs and learning about discrete mathematics. His other hobbies include swimming, reading, playing sports, and baking. Feel free to approach him with your best startup idea and he’ll be happy to give you his honest feedback!