CMP VP Finance – Cecilia Weng

Name: Cecilia (Shihui) Weng

Position: VP Finance

Year: 3

Specialization: Accounting and Business Technology Management


Cecilia is a third year Accounting and Business Technology Management student who joined CMP as VP Finance & Internal. During Cecilia’s second year in college, she attended a lot of exam crash hours on campus and was very impressed by the exceptional quality of CMP review sessions. Cecilia firmly believes that CMP offers HANDS DOWN the best review sessions for commerce students on the market. And most importantly, CMP is committed to build a connection with all of you, to help you succeed in the academics.


Cecilia would like to apply what she had learnt from her accounting class to help CMP with expense tracking and budget control. Furthermore, she aimed to build a well-developed management information system for CMP budget control. You can always spot her in CLC. She is either busy completing reimbursement requisitions or analyzing spreadsheets for CMP.


In her spare time, Cecilia enjoys cooking, karaoking and photographing. She is constantly looking for singing opportunities and participating all kinds of singing contests but never had a chance to win:( She cares about health and advocates eating at home and reducing wastes. She also enjoys taking landscape photos with her new iPhone 7 Plus. She is super eager to meet all of you who love CMP like she does.