CMP VP Marketing – Julia Tan

Name: Julia Tan

Position: VP Marketing

Year: 3

Specialization: Accounting


Julia is a third-year Accounting student and is the current VP Marketing for CMP. She occasionally enjoys dabbling in photography and design, as she used to be more creative before she started her years at Sauder. After relying a ton on the help of CMP review packages in her first two years, she decided to join the executive team to help spread awareness of CMP awesomeness through posters and social media! Being a part of CMP has allowed Julia to learn a lot about the behind the scenes activities in marketing, work with a great executive team, and meet some of the smartest students acting as Academic Consultants.


When Julia is not busy working on the next poster for review sessions or submitting the next CUSunday event promotion, she will be taking the time to catch up on her favourite TV shows or working out at the gym to burn off all her extra stress. Despite mostly sitting in front of her laptop with headphones in, Julia is always down to meet new people and help out anyone regarding question about CMP. Feel free to wave or say “hi” if you see her in the Sauder hallways.