Comm 295 – Wendy Zhang

Academic Consultant: Wendy Zhang
Academic Consultant: Wendy Zhang

Third Year Accounting Student

The review packages made by the CMP Academic Consultants had helped me a lot with acing my exams last year. The review packages were what I would turn to for extra practice. Being part of CMP allows me to give back to this program and participate in this meaningful work of helping students in improving their performance on the exams.

I’m interested in a lot of things, including watching movies in IMAX 3D, completing my bucket list of “dishes to try in Vancouver” and going to fitness training to burn off the calories from eating so much.

During my spare time I think about food. I spend a good chunk of time browsing Facebook and @ing friends on silly videos and memes. I rarely had any spare time, and to be honest if I do have the spare time. I would love to lie on my couch and do nothing at all. I am also a consultant of dim sum-if you need any advice for where to go for delicious Cantonese dim sum, pm me on Facebook.