The Commerce Mentorship Program at UBC provides a fun and supportive network aimed to help students succeed personally, professionally, and academically.

Our Academic Consultants are students and professionals dedicated to help UBC students analyze, strategize, and implement academic objectives. For years, our consultants have created helpful and welcoming learning supports for troubled students. In addition to improved academic performance, many students have developed deeper enthusiasm and understanding of various subjects after their experience with us.

Moreover, we have always been a highly enriching experience for Academic Consultants. We have helped consultants develop critical skills including:

• Problem recognition
• Strategic planning
• Organized implementation
• Supportive communication
• Professional networking

Many of the skills are highly valued by employers and recruitment professionals, yet underdeveloped in many degree programs. With our rich experience and network, we have proudly supported its consultants to go on and join strong organizations. Some of the consultants have since proceeded to redefine the world through major platforms like PricewaterhouseCoopers.

Currently, we are looking for individuals with strong understanding in either of the following subjects:

• Introduction to Finance (COMM 298)
• Application of Statistics in Business (COMM 291)

Previous experience with the course materials is highly recommended. Academic equivalences from other faculties or schools are given equal considerations.

Please note that, while we considers academic performance an important indicator, there is no definite minimum grade requirement. Rather, our Academic Consultants should be well-rounded individuals who are quick to learn and respectful to others.

For detailed application procedures, please refer to the attached job description. We look forward to having you on our team.

Job description: CMP-Consultant-Hiring

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