Econ 101 – Colis Cheng

Academic Consultant: Colis Cheng
Academic Consultant: Colis Cheng

Second Year Commerce Student

I got the opportunity to work as a MATH 184 workshop teaching assistant this semester. I realized how difficult it might be for first-year students to understand fundamental concepts and I was highly motivated to help! I felt comfortable with teaching math and microeconomics and so I applied to be an academic consultant!

I have been involved with track and field since high school and have stayed up to date with the latest news while training for races myself. I am also a big fan of sports and anything athletic, either as a spectator or participant. Other than that, I can waste a lot of time watching Netflix or other miscellaneous television shows. I am a big fan of Suits, The Walking Dead, and Brooklyn Nine-nine to name a few.

My spare time is limited these days with other commitments, training and commuting, but whenever I can find spare time I usually take a nap, watch Netflix, or meet with friends (to finish homework of course).