The Commerce Undergraduate Society is the largest business school organization in Canada, both in terms of its $1.2 million annual operating budget and its thousands of actively-involved students within the society. With the money that it collects through student fees, the CUS is able to support its members through a range of services and clubs that cater to some variation of the personal, professional or academic success of its students. The CUS houses tutoring services, social functions and large-scale conferences that offer insights into possible careers and numerous networking opportunities with industry professionals.

Chartered Professional Accountants (CPAs) are trusted business leaders. They are dedicated professionals who focus on strategic and financial management. CPAs work in every business sector, as well as public practice, education, not-for-profits, and government. CPAs possess the expertise and ethical fortitude to navigate through disruptive change by anticipating the unexpected, making sense of complexity, and analyzing data to make business decisions that drive success. Learn how you can become a CPABC by visiting

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