COMM 390 – Business Writing

Author: Andrew Leong

Year course was taken: 2015 W, Grade obtained: A


This is a course that tests your ability to apply critical thinking and comprehension in a business setting: writing memos, reports, and other various documents. Here are my top five tips to succeeding in COMM 390.


  1. Seek a “second sober thought”: There are multiple coaching services available at the CLC, and at UBC. If English is your second language, the CLC provides excellent writing and research assistance; a great resource to get that extra boost in the class. Seek your prof’s opinion as well if possible! Attending extra tutorials or writing workshops will be beneficial as well.


  1. Don’t leave your assignments to the last minute! Great papers and projects require constant revision and research over multiple days, refining small details like grammar, content, and presentation. Leaving your assignment to the last 30 minutes before the deadline runs the risk of internet / computer failure, and unnecessary rushing for completion. This can lead to unwanted mistakes.


  1. Dust off that old grammar book: As it is an English class, it may be advantageous to brush up on punctuation, sentence structure, and overall writing skills. Simple tricks like avoiding the word “I”, knowing when to use “your” vs “you’re”, and correct spelling can potentially turn a good paper into a great paper.


  1. Proofread and edit: This tip is very important to get the details and crucial for any academic paper or assignment. Check to make sure your content is satisfactory, that it matches the thesis at hand, and that you have no grammatical mistakes. Read your paper out loud! Its essential to proofread and ensure that your writing is clear, concise, and to the point. Print your paper out if it helps.


  1. Answer the question! Make sure that your paper is defined and written appropriately. Is it a persuasive paper, or a research paper? Your thesis ultimately determines your writing style your content. If your assignment is a subjective review of an organization, be sure to provide analysis and support for your reasoning. 
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